Sunday, December 27, 2015

Engulfed In Flames PT.7 (Phoenix Rising From The Ashes)

Another year is coming to a close; 2015 is just about over with!! some will have Memories like the Temptations!!

But the devil will oppose so some memories aren't too cool, we're glad the epsisodes are over with!! damn!! the old school Baptist Preacher and even Aretha Franklin said yield not to temptations!! 

Some wrote down the situations on a piece of loose leaf, reflected on them for a minute then they set the sheet on fire.... 

..Now it's engulfed in flames, it's all up in smoke like spirits of the inside joke; routines, rites and rituals from habituals calculating victories and defeats when dealing with the empire?

Once caught up in games, systems and the matrix when dealing with the empire!! not Empire on Fox coonery or buffonery...

Caught up!! one blames me and my peeps for glitches in the matrix due to the technical difficulties, like Cleveland Cavalier excuses for losing to Golden State what will the tune be? 

It all goes up in flames, but I hope it's not a bridge!! those that fake it will lead you to the so called promised land but the only reason the grass is green is because of the artificial turf..

Now your trying to get back across the bridge or trying to hit the reset button; what's up cousin? what's it all worth?  

But let me get back to this!! I even had to hit the reset button after the Mothership Landed back on earth, lights were blinking on the instrument panel...

It brought me back to this!! the mothership crashed on burned!! it was like back in the day when my 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo was stolen, stripped and set on fire over on Constitution Avenue in Atlanta

It was engulfed in flames, but it symbolized a phoenix rising from the ashes, or even Daniel in the Lion's Den..

It's rough in these games!! but we kept on running like Phoenix Suns in the Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire days!! we're just trying to win!! 

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