Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Engulfed In Flames PT.5 (Smoke and Mirrors)

 In the background I hear sirens as emergency vehicles roll up, in the distance I see smoke...

I backed down from the smoke and mirrors agenda!! who'll work with me after I was wise to the set up? I was aware of the inside joke....

I tracked down a so called comedian telling the joke, fears from a pretender? it's like Jeb Bush calling Donald Trump a *chaos candidate*  plus there were other shenanigans at the GOP Debate...

I tracked down a beat or two, that's what a sonic defender will do!! somebody might be able to bounce, rock. roll and skate... 

Or is it Bounce Rock Skate Roll per Vaughan Mason?  jokers are misbehaving, now the structure is engulfed in flames..

More bounce to the ounce per Zapp / Roger?  jokers misbehaving try to bounce in the Dodge Charger, the main vehicle used by these crooks playing games....

More bounce to the ounce? for consecutive days things were ill in the ATL per the smash and grabs / car break ins!!  that seems to be business as usual, the new rule.

More bounce to the ounce? now we're coming fresh with this brand new batch!! check us out as we rebuke the smoke and mirrors with a new tool.

Coming fresh with this!! running water hoses from the fire hydrants spraying water on the structure that's engulfed in flames!! haz-mat teams are on clean-up duty but it's like cleaning up the massive garbage patch in the Pacific

Coming fresh with this!! of course we're meeting opposition!!  accused of using inflammatory remarks, fighting fire with fire!! hazardous material? what's the style? actually, it's somewhat *Retro-Futuristic*

Coming fresh with this!! the structure was engulfed in flames, the smoke and mirrors enhanced the picture!! we bring this scripture and mixture as a rebuttal!! it's the new school / actually the next one.

Local, National, International and Intergalactic with this!!  but in these games the problem is not simple, it's a complex one.


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