Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Crossroads / Intersection

Rolling down the information highway,  soon I come to the crossroads / intersection. 

....It's where scattered thoughts and words of wisdom combine / collide / coincide;  minds blown due to lack of drug interdiction? 

Or maybe its drug interaction / a chemical reaction: facts and fiction combine / collide / coincide due to fantasy and reality mashups;  check out these remixes. 

The Elaborate Fantasy will play out in front of us as concrete jungle excursions combine with vibes from suburban ranch and split level homes behind white picket fences. 

The Cabal will show hate, check out the blatant and discrete circumstances that are debatable:  some wonder if they're being built or torn down.

Vacant minds watching Cable TV,  or vacant streets at night are where jackers lurk:  somebody will get murked!!  the level of scorn wasn't turned down. 

Hollywood hasn't burned down per Public Enemy!!  now we get cornball like Empire and Blackish. 

Hottest in the hood per Red Cafe? ready to build empires like El Chapo running Chicago not Rahm Emanuel?  find out where the stash is!

At the crossroads / intersection? find out where the cash is, corporations parked profits offshore while fruit and vegetable trucks from Mexico bring in contraband, check the foreign exchange...

At the crossroads / intersection? rash is how we're accused of acting as scattered thoughts and words of wisdom block traffic!! while I sat there I listened to Nicolay and Phonte: Foreign Exchange..
At the crossroads / intersection? some said she's Strange like Cameo said but they liked it; similar to these scattered thoughts or words of wisdom? 

Breakbeat scientific modes of transportation are used to travel the information highway, this is how we're living!!


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