Sunday, December 13, 2015

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.9

Its going down!!  using the iPhone 5 to transfer these thoughts electronically. 

No iPhone 6 not yet,  danger zone business has me broke but I still pay attention:  this is what the response will be. 

What's the deally?  Oh!!  I-20 Chronicles are still going down,  that's what I'm on! 

..Also rolling down the information highway;  sometimes at the crossroads/  intersection where scattered thoughts and words of wisdom collide!!  once again it's on!!

 O-Zone was not a clone,  an original man and extraordinary one. 

Not bragging or boasting;  please!! from the Charleston church shootings  to Laquan McDonald in Chicago  the apparatus is toasting and roasting;  that makes me a revolutionary one! 

Not swagging, shooting up Chicago aka Chiraq: check the status!!  electronically transferring thoughts with no problem unlike UPS and FedEx transferring packages during this holiday season. 

Not dragging my feet, slacking!! check the status!!  rebuking jokers looting and pillaging the village with these Sonic Assaults per that season / reason.

Staggering out in the street due to the diet from hell's kitchen? I'm watching my consumption so I won't be spotted at the Chipotle Mexican Grill..

Staggering on my feet after the 13 second knockout by Conor McGregor?  alt shift delete by shady webmasters await beggars and choosers, plus pickers and choosers; it let me know the struggle is real..

Staggering my schedule, taking too much time / defeating the purpose when the black ink hit the loose leaf, now I transfer these thoughts electronically...

No bragging or boasting!! too much is heard from wannabe crime bosses, plus my freedom won't be determined by coin tosses; that's whats up with me!!

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