Saturday, December 5, 2015

Trying To Maintain Focus, But Dealing With The Bogus!!

This is how it's going down: this is word from a veteran in the game, now trying to coach this..

A lot of shady deals / things are going down, in the game? you'll get clowned when dealing with the bogus..

Shady deals between Donald Trump and the black clergy? meanwhile at Trump rallies in Raleigh #blacklivesmatter is unworthy?   

The train of thought? it runs off the rails plus beats will thump: The Brotha O is doing it, but who will work with me?

Pain is felt: you heard me? is it because a brotha is Intergalactic like the New Horizons out by Pluto? the Good Word is dropped plus were *four five sixing it*

For those that didn't know matheamtics are dropped, fanatics hope this endeavor is dropped like I was from Facebook, staring into the eye of the tiger when face to face with a crook?  The DJ O-Dog is fixing it.

Knowledge? I'm kicking it from my perspective, these are mathematical formulas like Einstein.

Mechanical Engineering rebukes ISIS type social engineering  plus there's no loathing or fearing;  Blue Collar / Industrial Strength execrised when I'm going for mine.

Trying to maintain focus, so during the ongoing crisis I'm trying to steer the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor...

Trying to avoid the bogus, I peep game as they approach this; a brotha gets scientific, I can see it's hatred they harbor...

I transformed the old school Toyota Camry that immigrants / refugees from Syria / Somalia and South America drive down here in Atlanta into a spaceship; I bought a one way ticket to float through the universe at a High Velocity..

Trying To Maintain Focus, But Dealing With The Bogus!! meeting opposition like Syrian refugees vs Texas but I know how complex the sport is, I'm exercising Diplomatic Immunity..realized that a brotha is God's Property...


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