Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Word On The Curb PT.5

What's the word on the curb? please!!  no need to say anything...I could already tell. 

Some things were obvious after I did the knowledge..I could see what's up!!  per Nas it ain't hard to tell. 

Plus it ain't hard to fail..dubious honors are bestowed upon Donald Sterling check out the set up; some will fall into the trap. 

Others were the paint? like Zach Randolph punching Steven Adams some go hard or they say they do per Waka Flocka Flame..until ear shattering gunshots exploded!! things get out of control when the guns clap. 

But funk is dropped like Frank Zappa's  Waka Jawaka as drums snap,  as snares hit, and 808s respond to the ongoing madness. 

Check the street funk; that's what's up brotha!! it's  our response to the word on the curb..were back with this.

Some will run and tell this and that;  the ATL is full of wet and dry snitchers. 

Giving us the so called word on the curb; subliminals that try to convince us to fail..but then we drop sonic mixtures plus these scriptures. 

Gus and Herb go through their rites and rituals.. but they soon become collateral damage like protestors burning over in Odessa..over in the Ukraine..

I had to curb my appetite..I kept the habituals out of my circle...please!! like the Isleys I had work to do...I'm just trying to maintain.. 

Some jokers "ain't right" never surprises me..just like this May one day and cool the next...

Some jokers "ain't tight" ..prizes were pursued per Floyd Mayweather Jr..but some will act brand new with ya..May Day principles were not followed...please!! some find out the sport is complex...

Some found out the sport was complex after building an Elaborate Fantasy; Check this mix out.....

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