Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dealing With The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Trying to use a fresh view / fresh vision while looking at the good, bad,  and ugly. 

Funky fresh in the flesh per Vladimir Putin was how some said they were living!! they even knew what the new drug would be.  

They didn't believe my side of the story even though I carry a sword....the truth? they're disputing!! but everybody had their own opinion.

 Living by the sword..dying by the sword?...the same way with the three point shot per the Atlanta Hawks?...some didn't achieve due to homicide, suicide, and genocide;  they were through dealing. 

God is in control of this and that dominion...some hawks claim they didn't know him.. somebody even said here I go with that again!!

It's odd..they didn't recognize the good, bad, and ugly is all a blessing..a loss can be a win. 

Damn here we go again!! I'm even  questioning the way things went down but not like Republicans and Benghazi!! second guessing but no panels are set up..when it is what it is. 

Damn here we go again!!  everything is fugazi when dealing with the good, bad, and ugly;  recognizing that it is what it is.

Damn here we go again!! during the ongoing process some of us are used as instruments or role players...

Damn here go again..dealing with the good, bad and ugly per Clint's famine or feast in the hood...I hope your aura or soul has layers...

Some jokers think their in the Players Championship per the PGA.. they're trying to stack paper like the European Central Bank...

I was trying to ride off into the sunset like old cowboy / western level manuevers will be the focus...but these outlaws keep shooting at me!!...ear shattering gunshots exploded..this situation was out of control...but God is still in the blessing Him I give the thanks!! 

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