Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Out Of Control / So Now We're Going Off On Them

As we proceed and continue;  it's rough out here!!  but we're not stealing crabs like Jameis Winston

Whatcha need?  jokers like Boko Haram will call your bluff!!  besides kidnapping girls they saw you with the blood diamond /  gemstone.

Once again it's on!! true indeed!! it's rough out here!! it's out of control...survival techniques are enhanced!!  but some were ready to quit..they said they didn't care. 

It's out of control when O-Dog freaks this!!  hazardous material when we go there? 

It wasn't fair!! Mr. Cole said it's a rat eat dog!! then these Donald Sterling types revealed their true feelings. 

Of course they feel like that per Elgin Baylor!!  but some just collect their pay checks!! ignoring the shady dealing!! 
Oh!!  so it's come down to this? coping strategies will fail now O-Dog is going off on them

They were trying to play me and others the other way!! out here in the smoke and fog!! after the apparatus went off on them. 

Apps were off!!  then weather forecasters mentioned wet and dry weather. 

Slaps were administrated to those ATLiens wet and dry snitching!! we used a sonic blackjack!! ties we had to sever. 

Raps and snare snaps from this minister of information were part of the transformation..but a hater said whatever.  

It's out of control..but these laps around the track are ran!!  life is a marathon!! we ignored the information overload!! now we're going off on them and those..pundits thought they were cunning and clever. 

Check Out O-Dog's Sonic Assault / Out Of Control Mix

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