Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's Going Down Like This and Like That And A..... PT.2

It's like this and like that and a!! as I use the old school hip hop catch phrase /  cliche.

..As I continue to fight this spiritual warfare against Donald Sterling types; while the hustlers hustle and the players play. 

What's on the menu?  let us pray per the old school baptist preacher while the new school one worries about the cash flow.

What's on the menu?  old school like Brooklyn Nets or new school per the Miami Heat?  how will some play?  whatcha know?

So whatcha trying to grow in that secret garden?  Quincy Jones / Barry White style or secret squirrel like? 

How were others trying to flow?  baby girl said it's about the cash flow!!  said she's gonna get a white man so she can do what she likes. 

..per Digital Underground...what's the deal with it? O-Dizzle continues to fight the system..for some it seems to be a losing proposition. 

It's like this and like that and a...so how you living? check out how we get down...using a fresh view / fresh vision...

It's going down..it's like this and like that and a...some are told to stay home like health care workers in Orlando...

...they may have been exposed to MERS...out there in the grey area? the line blurs..check the scenarios...no yellow ribbons around old oak trees per Dawn and Tony Orlando..

From San Francisco / Oakland to the ATL to Louisville..it's going down!! dude told me he goes back to when Little Penny was in Orlando..he comes across like he knows it all... 

It's going down...it's like this and like that and a..what's the deally? so called players get rushed like Solange did Jay-Z...somebody's about to fall...

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