Saturday, May 31, 2014

Synchronization PT.3

All up in the spot!! ...stumbling around / knocked off balance like the Indiana Pacers;  there was no synchronization.

 All up in the spot..dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie..rumbling the sound as we rocked the palace with the sonic instigation. 

Like Ray J out in Beverly Hills some are fumbling around in an unpleasant situation;  dude said we should have taken drama class. 

That's expected from an academic not out there where the shady deals were per Carl Icahn, Phil Mickelson and William "Billy" Walters....please!!  we were out there where the drama was. 

....dealing with fanatics..knowing what the response was or is!!  wannabe power brokers were trying to flex. 

Sonic Assaults are the response to the madness..knowing the sport is complex. 

Reality checks caught some of us off guard!! damn!!  now there's an overdrawn account. 

 Reality disrespects those that don't do the knowledge!! arms were too short to box with God..they'll get knocked out for the count. 

Actually?  this brotha disconnects from the mainframe..but I still maintain a relationship with the higher power. 

Lance Stephenson types disrespect the game..but synchronization is eventually restored at that critical hour. 

Circumstances debatable?  please believe's a shame..being built or torn down? 

Hurting chances by going against the grain? experts and pundits mentioned lack of synchronization..

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