Saturday, May 3, 2014

Diplomatic Immunity / It's Out Of Control / Concepts Combined

Ear shattering gunshots exploded like drones hitting up Yemen...what's the deal man?  it's rough out here for a pimp / player. 

That's per Three Six what's up with ya? egos?  reality is bruising and battering!!  what's the deal man?  you might need to say a prayer.

Dodging hit  men from wannabe mafiosos; I used my master strategy;  moving targets are hard to hit!!  plus layers were on my aura for protection. 

Diplomatic immunity was also invoked;  other players choked!!  striking out like Prince Fielder!!  Cecil's son!!  I see you son!!  watch your back!!  horror and terror are in this section.

Snipers are posted up like it's the Ukraine..they're ready to take you out!! per this what it sounds like when doves cry?  I even had to run for cover.

 It's rough out here during the ongoing storm / reign of terror!!  it's rough out here for a brotha. 

Diplomatic immunity is invoked not revoked;  God is in the blessing business. 

I dipped back to the community when I heard the ear shattering gunshots that exploded...I laid low until the smoke cleared ..until it was I'm good focusing on what's mattering; what the real is. 

I dipped back to the community..chilling up in Louisville / Newburg..before the crowds got there on this Derby Day..

Diplomatic immunity is needed as the situation spins out of control..but we dip on them like California Chrome..I grew up in the California area in it's on!!...but nobody would work with me..

I deal with it...far from unworthy..we advance to the next round like the Portland Trail Blazers..

I deal with it...the next level we advance to the next level using these mathematics...but staying humble..success won't amaze us..

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