Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Moment Of Truth?

I checked the had 11:11 AM on it!! was this the moment of truth? 

I had to pause for the cause at 9:11 AM on 9/11 ...somebody had to dial 911 per Flavor Flav..but  jokers were uncouth.

 Other jokers said they knew what the flavor was..they said something about a they had proof that the world was a ghetto per War. 

Drama? it comes with the territory!! plus brokers were hedging stocks and bets...profits were made due to the war or rumor of a war. 

 Whose acting brand new with a brotha?  the scars healed!!  but the enemy will try to open them back up.

 Let the healing process begin!! it's also a moment of truth!! O-Dog will turn the track up. 

 O-Zone is real with this thing!!  he didn't slack up!!  the style is blue collar. 

Danger zone business gets handled..but were not Boko Haram types..we're dedicated to the truth;  who said its all about a dollar? 

The moment of truth will make some holla;  *the way the system does their life*  per Marvin Gaye. 

per Inner City Blues...please!! ..we're due a rebate!! we overpaid dues!! at this moment we provide proof with this breakbeat science ....this good word is dropped plus the funk will play. 

Searching for clues..I couldn't be at ease..soon the clock read 1:11 PM....please..I'm not playing with those all about the deliberate falsehood..

Searching for clues as Donald Sterling types flex..some are hypocritical like Michael Jordan? once called himself racist but now gone the other way per Chamillionaire?  who's acting false in the hood?

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