Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Outback Chronicles / The Saga-Struggle Continues

It was a nice Saturday afternoon in Atlanta...I was out back on the deck chilling out..check these chronicles...

How did they try to play me? I'm hood based on default settings but at the moment I'm a suburbanite..trimming tress and cutting grass!! meanwhile jokers dipped by swerving in the old school Chevy Suburban smoking trees or grass...Gucci Mane was thumping up in the response to these and those...

How did they try to play me? jokers were skinning and grinning during previous episodes all up in the spot...but the sideways glances told the true story...the drama doesn't quit and doesn't stop!!  the saga / struggle continues. 

As we proceed and continue to the next chapter... I'm all up in the spot looking at these menus. 

I feel like busting loose per Chuck Brown;  every now and then I duck down per Elliott Rodger types out in Santa Barbara as the ear shattering gunshots exploded around me. 

It's like I'm in Nigeria ducking and dodging Boko Haram..but during the mass hysteria O-Dizzle will get down ...funky is how the sound will be. 

I retreated to the compound per these Outback Chronicles!! on this Memorial Day Weekend!! haven't found me at the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest at Myrtle Beach..

The drama would surround me there!! three dead and two injured on Ocean Boulevard...the arch nemesis was on the premises...during the getaway?  tires will screech...

The drama will surround me where I am!!...the devil stays busy but I'm working it out!!  but sometimes it seems like an exercise in futility.

No secret handshake from Obama with the presidential challenge coin!! these jokers question the ability.

Plus check the technical earth sign struggling  during this Gemini air/ fire season...the saga / struggle continues. 

Recognizing what it do!! I'm high or low technical!! I'm chilling out....outback on my deck...reflecting / contemplating...utilizing drop down menus. 


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