Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blindsided PT.2 / The Saga / Struggle Continues

Taking a look at things; no Usain Bolt OG kush was I smoking..I have good peripheral vision...but I still got blindsided. 

Who's faking it?  a crook was out here dipping like Usain Bolt but ..thieves even stole his shoes!  who's running things like Rob Ford in rehab?   I tried to use a fresh vision out here where good and evil collided. 

Who's faking it? wet and dry snitching like ATLiens!!..but shaking it up like their smash and grabs!!  was it by the book like Ford Pintos and their gas tanks? 

 Faking up in this piece!! games?  jokers are playing them...they ate their gas stinks.

 Disaster brinks describe the present justice no peace was heard at the pep rally.

.. Rev Al Sharpton's before he started snitching or old school like Jesse Jackson..check how the style will be. 

...before Jesse Jackson Jr convictions!! character and convictions didn't live here anymore. 

Similar to Rose Royce talking about love;  for a dollar?  jokers push and shove like under an NBA basket...check the score.

Some rose their voice after being blindsided!! morale was low like Los Angeles Clippers per Donald Sterling. 

Some things are obvious but life is still full of surprises!! but we still try to work this thing.

Check me I work this thing to my best abilities..I'm all up in the spot moving and grooving. 

At the end of the day?  somebody might see what's up...the Lord is using me as an instrument..a dude is showing and proving.  

...Plus I'm peeping game not sleeping in the game!!  I'm checking out all the scenarios. 

A dude is peeping game!!  but I was even  blindsided...the saga / struggle continues..I even spotted crime scene tape around once designated areas. 

We were blindsided...snitches confided with the enemy..but we knew how they were living...

Freedom? we ride for it...word from this entity using a fresh view / fresh vision... 


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