Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Outback Chronicles; Still Looking At The Big Picture

 Check out these Outback Chronicles..this is like Bonanza and the Cartwrights..I'm chilling out at the Ponderosa....

Sitting out back on my deck on a warm day in Atlanta.. I'm reflecting..contemplating..peeping game; this world "ain't right" ..drama will get with ya!!...up until the game is over..

I'm watching the big picture like looking at the 72 inch flat screen TV from Best Buy or HH Gregg. 

Going big with this scripture after observing the scene; it's like the Koch Brothers vs Detroit..a hater told their best lie!! they're trying to pull your leg.

 Knowing how a snitch will do...even my grandson knew.. "every brotha ain't a brotha" ...now authorities dredge the lake looking for the weapon. 

Knowing how a bitch will do per Nas and AZ..because that's how life is!!  class is in session. 

Knowing what the pitch will do; some will strike out due to the fast ball,  curve ball,  knuckleball or slider!! 

What's up with y'all? we're  fighting for freedom..but not like Boko Haram; check this word from an updated freedom rider! 

...Plus I'm a big picture watcher....peeping game!!  so called authority figures were like Vladimir Putin...faking the funk. 

Check the mixture from O-Dizzle;  hip hopping plus breaking the beats!! dropping the funk

We get with ya;  we're not trying to hack the system like the Chinese Liberation Army. 

We looked at the big picture;  God is in control..no weapons formed "will harm we"

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