Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Pep Rally PT.2

Damn here we go again!! some said the morale was low..similar to LA Clippers per Donald Sterling..but they worked that  I spotted jokers chilling at the pep rally. 

Checked out the style / steelo..some of them were skinning and grinning!! but check the next thing you know they'll be trying to get foul with me. 

Check the style /'s rough out here!!  that last mile will be the longest when they try to walk in my shoes. 

....Bill collectors will be on the prowl;  jokers didn't want to pay my dues. 

The funk will play as I cruise down I-20 in Atlanta;  this past Easter Sunday?  the ATL hosted big pep rallies.

...otherwise known as praise and worship services;  how did they work these? Pharrell Williams Happy Song played in the background...information overload? whats's the mode?  now I'm back down in these hoods;  the apparatus is foul with these. 

The wise and otherwise were similar to Pharisees..they were that type holding huge pep rallies. 

Others rallied at the Staples Center; they mentioned no justice no peace per Al Sharpton..I told you!! the system is foul with these.

Foul with these and those per Al Sharpton and the FBI?  why lie! please!! the movement always had moles per Ernest Withers...

Foul with these and those? per the FBI trying to recruit American Muslims on the no fly lists...

What's up son? May the 4th be with you per Star Wars Day..get the gist of this!!... it'll take more than a pep rally to change the vibe..

Once again it's on..while some will celebrate Cinco De Mayo we shoot threes like OJ Mayo...we know what the deal is!!...for freedom? we continue to ride...

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