Thursday, May 22, 2014


Damn!! everything was off by a few degrees!! there was no synchronization. 

Donald Sterling types flex...reminding us that the sport is complex!! even  Mark Cuban says those feelings are who's caught up in an unpleasant situation? 

 I see how some are working;  devil's advocates with the instigation!! throwing salt into the game!! now the teams vibe is messed up like the LA Clippers.

 I see how some are working;  next level dramatics occur from Louisville / Newburg to Nigeria per Boko Haram..on out to Pluto and Mars ...intergalactic!! who'll dip with us? we make next level maneuvers; during the mass hysteria? some say we're still blessed..the old church girl said amen. 

Usually deacons in the corner will say that!! but they were sleeping after being up all night...creeping. 

I was peeping game;  it's all messed up!! the astrologist said it's because Mars was retrograde in Libra. 

Plus the Sun is in Gemini...two sides to the game? no synchronization!! but now Mars in moving forward..check the situation;  now who's real with ya?

Check these clearance rack epiphanies..I had a deal for ya...not trying to clock dough like X-Men: Days of Future Past... 

Check the interference from those and these..they'll try to pull a coup like the army in Thailand..check out the ear shattering gunshots that exploded as the guns blast...

Check the interference as mouths blast out the latest e-mails and texts are sent...

Check the information things are out of sync..haters will try to circumvent...

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