Saturday, May 17, 2014

Concepts Are Combined: It's Rough / Hectic Out Here PT.2

The saga / struggle continues...concepts are's rough / hectic out here. 

What it do? it's monstrous like Godzilla...chaos and confusion is the order of the day!!  that's the business as we go there. 

Winning and losing is part of the process...that's the deal bruh!!  the mentor said don't be afraid to fail

Winning and losing is part of the process per the Thunder vs Spurs; but these devil's advocates stay busy!! these snitches were encouraged...they weren't afraid to tell. 

We refuse to go under...check out what occurs as bombs blast in Nairobi..act like you know me!! I wasn't afraid to sail off into the universe!! I'll play the intergalactic role. 

I wasn't afraid to bail out the family as I'm reversing the curse..a generational one? fanatics tried to play with their soul. 

...Wise to the set up per Generation Zero...please!! its easy to fail out here!! it's rough!! 

....Plus it's hectic!! adding another layer to the cake as we deal with the fake!! we said Negro Please!! as we call their bluff. 

....were disrespected by Nathan Shady Deal types...even have the nerve to speak at Morehouse graduations...

Similar to Donald Sterling recieving awards from the NAACP? is it about the money? some are caught in unpleasant situations...

I'm not working with these and those..not on one accord with those who have sold out...

It's already rough / hectic out here as it is...but jokers make empty promises...that's why were minding and tending...down I-20 in Atlanta...we rolled out...


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