Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Were We Considered Armed and Dangerous?

It's going down like this!! society might consider us armed and dangerous. 

Packing a sword of truth and a sonic blackjack...busters and marks need to stay back!!  I'm usually where the danger is. 

Dedicated to the truth but society doesn't trust us..a stranger is masquerading as a friend per Ronnie Laws

Who will provide proof?  George Benson mentioned it while thought and fashion police accent our flaws. 

Who will provide proof?  any pings from Flight 370 from Malaysia? the system plays ya...similar to Lion Kings that will put paws on them and those caught out in the jungle.

Conditions are far from heavenly..it's another phase for ya..that's why we're packing the sword of truth and the Sonic Blackjack ...the package deal or the bundle.  

Concepts combine;  check out the package deal as we keep it real!! putting it down like this. 

Going for mine!! but like Hank Aaron back in the day we're meeting opposition during this ongoing spiritual warfare...we continue to fight this!

Going for mine..usually where the light is...thankful for another day...while others continue to wait in the dark...

Gold mines found per back in the day crap games and Newburg and Victory Park?  

...up in Louisville ..it was no Game Of Thrones...some knew the deal...if they didn't pistols were drawn...then ear shattering gunshots exploded....

It's real...the situation is out of control..like Oscar Pistorius ..I see how some roll!!...shooting first and asking questions later!!..were we considered armed and dangerous? questions asked by a hater!!...but no weapons formed worked against us...karma shattering plots and schemes?..check the mode kid!!

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