Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Entering Attack Zones

Your dude is chilling out!! I'm all up in the spot laying in the cut. 

Check the attitude;  the apparatus is dealing marked cards!! check the deliberate falsehood..similar to stem cell scientists falsifying data..so I'm in attack zones laying for the corrupt. 

Check the attitude..who's acting false in the hood? they'll get hit up by the Sonic Assault per these breakbeat scientists!!  slapped upside the head with the blackjack. 

It's similar to some "back in the day" Louisville / Newburg type of business!!  when jokers ran off at the mouth and then got pistol whipped!! oops upside the head per the Gap Band  jack! 

What's the deal with ya?  I stand back and observe the scene..soon ready to roll..I'm on my way.

So what's going on per Marvin Gaye?  how will we play? 

What's the dizzle with O-Zone and O-Dizzle?   we're in attack zones.. all up in the spot. 

What's Really Going On?  that blog is part of the conglomerate ...things are about to get hot. 

Thing's are out of control...blame it on global warming?  please!! we just went through the polar vortex.

 Games?  jokers still play them!! that's why we span the globe brainstorming..letting my peeps know the sport is complex.

Games? jokers still play them? the disappearance of Flight 370 from Malaysia a conspiracy?  

All up in the spot..I'm in attack zones...soon dropping the brand new funk and a clearance rack epiphany...

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