Sunday, April 20, 2014

We're Dropping It

It's going down on this Easter Sunday...check this breakbeat science ...I'm dropping it. 

It's going down..mentioned's not Easy per Sunday Morning per the Commodores..but we're moving forward ..making progress!! but bumping heads with those planning on stopping it.

 I was copping it!! what?  not the bag of herb due to 4/20..the attitude!! astrologers blame it on the Cardinal Grand Cross in April. 

Oh yeah!! last year we were like Louisville Cardinals..winning championships..but now we crossed the line..there's too much friction is in the we bear witness to what hate will do. 

Some people are dropping it!! what?  the mask!! per Vladimir Putin  with Russia rolling up on Ukraine? they show their true colours like Cyndi Lauper. 

Perfect spring weather in the ATL..72 degrees!! but I'm also checking out the inclement weather that wasn't spotted on the radar ..Doppler.

I'm dropping it..what?  this weather forecast like I was Al Roker. 

I'm dropping it...what?  the rebuttal to Hurricane Katrina treatment...the purpose? haters aren't defeating it..check this breakbeat science!! a hater said whatever!! like I was some kind of foul joker!!

Some are dropping because of it... what? their heads like they were hit up by Rubin Hurricane Carter..R.I.P...this is the rebuttal for the persecution...

Some are stopping because of it...they said Easter Sunday  / church was too corporate...some forget about the Jesus resurrection..

Some are stopping because of it...lights flash at the intersection..who will pass inspection? the flagrant foul broke them down to the very last compound. 

Meanwhile we're dropping it..I'm like Craig Mack;  can I get down?

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