Monday, April 28, 2014

Catch Phrases / Cliches / Run and Tell That

I was all up in the spot..taking a tour..I spotted the sign that was relevant.  

It had the old school catch phrase / said run and tell that !!! 

That's per V. Stiviano vs Donald how's that working? you know a fool wants us to fail that and this!! they wanted us to fall back. 

You know a fool was really the arch nemesis on the premises ...they were leaving messages but I didn't call back. 

Were all back up in the spot!! like Muslim Brotherhood with the accusations over in Egypt..due to the ongoing madness I see casualties all around me. 

Just because some body will run and tell that?  we're all victimized by the deliberate falsehood..because it's hot and were skating on thin ice?  soon underwater or underground is where we'll be. 

The weather is discrete supercell storms from Mississippi / Alabama..if you do or don't somebody will damn ya!! now haters truth or dare me...then they'll supply the latest info to the authorities. 

Sleeper cells still in affect?  proof provided by the NSA?  you should know how they play in these hostile territories. 

Check the hot style used to tell these we get breakbeat scientific with it. 

We're schooling the masses when we run and tell it..letting them know what the deal is with it. 

Others were fooling the masses based on the information overload ...others were wet and dry snitching. 

..As they run and tell that!!  they want us to fail that..but that's not how were living.

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