Monday, April 7, 2014

Back On Course / After Going Back To The Source

So what's up? life is hectic / chaotic...I keep telling them!! but "they don't hear me though"

The situation is out of control!! ..during the toil and strife?  I was disrespected but it's expected ..the devil is not sympathetic!! act like you know. 

I had to fix my life...I went back to the source...I had to dip down I-65 / 75 to Louisville...the chronicles were letting you know what it do!!

I had to fix my life...soon soul vibrations were felt walking on sacred grounds plus cementing maternal I'm back on course...I didn't stray too far off like Flight 370 in Malaysia..they still don't know what it do!!

Others need to fix their life...they're contributing to the total chaos!!..the toil and strife...I spotted some dodging the fraternal order response!! maybe it'll amaze ya like Luther..meanwhile I spotted the country rocker at Popeye's on Rivergate Parkway in Nashville..

Rocking a Budweiser cowboy hat with an demin jacket that had an American flag design..intelligent design? somebody lies..but I know there are other sides.. earlier Young Buck and Count Bass-D mentioned Cashville..

So what's up? down south the Florida Georgia Line country rockers from a Little Big Town were looking for awards...O-Dizzle is wise to the set up so he's carry swords..I kept my eyes on things that are real..I'm just trying to maintain based on Louisville  / Newburg default settings...

Whats the dizzle? you should know how it East Ukraine Pro-Russians  rise up..part of the set up..history is repeating..

Whats the dizzle? you should see how it wasn't's synthetic or some other man made material. 

Check  these hidden treasures; haters mention hazardous material ...but what we have is spiritual. 

Check out these hidden treasures from secret we put it down like this. 

We're back on course after going back to the we put it down like this...

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