Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Back From A Brief Hiatus

We're all up in the spot...check us out.. were back from the hiatus. 

Oh we were rocking the spot!! ..Sunday Jazz...plus drum and bass, funk and hip hop..please!! things were hot like the Sahara desert!! we were trying to chill out!!  but there was no midnight at the oasis

Snares, 808s and the bass were manipulated..while I was chilling in attack zones. 

Spiritual warfare is still going down!! Frazier Glenn Cross out in Kansas was flipping out...please!! ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  we were under attack by clones. 

...after being tracked by drones like we were in Pakistan...some blame the ongoing foolishness on the ongoing Cardinal Grand Cross in April...is that what's up man? 

O-Zone is was caught up in Atlanta traffic!! what's up?  no help from Captain Herb Emory..he's gone R.I.P... that's what's up man. 

Danger zone residents act erratic...some end up at University Hospital in Louisville, Shands down in Jacksonville ..Grady or Emory in the ATL..

Danger zone residents were gathering like Al Qaeda leaders; some claim they have a story to tell... 

O-Zone chilled in attack zones at the residence..all up in the spot...trying to warm up due to a cold spell...I thought it was spring..

What's really going on? per my other blog...we refuse to fail..check out this next level business..we're all up in the spot..back from the hiatus..we're doing the damn thing!!

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