Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't Fool Yourself PT.2 (I Still Remember )

I'm still borrowing a line from the old school baptist preacher...he liked to tell us don't fool yourself. 

Whose begging, borrowing, and stealing like new school baptist preachers?  they're like the yourself. 

Do the knowledge..rule yourself!!  like a sovereign citizen in Dekalb County stealing houses?

The mothership gets good mileage as a bruh gets scientific with it!! what's the by product from the lab / attack zone?  check the sound!! bear witness to what jazz,  funk, hip hop and house is. 

I'm all up in the spot..all up in the house with this...trying to chill out..dealing with April's Cardinal Grand Cross...

I'm all up in the spot...I'm not trying to fool myself ..I know I'm in for a fight like Russia In Muhammad Ali I'm a I use a left jab, left hook and right cross.. 

What's up with it?  Christ beared the cross for check my conduct ..I'm not trying to fool myself..I'm keeping it real. 

What's up with it? damn!! I admit I did injure myself due to the ongoing process..but not like Andre Johnson Christ Bearer of Northstar / Wu-Tang..what's up man? whose believing the empty promise..the shady deal? 

Word from Nathan Shady Deal down here in Georgia to Chris Christie in Jersey. 

Not trying to fool myself ...I know those Eric Cantor types won't work with me!

Not trying to fool heard me?  I wasn't rolling fast and furious like Paul Walker...

Not trying to fool myself...the situation is out of control...ear shattering gunshots exploded...they blast...evil ones will stalk ya...

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