Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back On Course / After Going Back To The Source PT.2

It's rough out here!! I was just trying to chill..but now they've got me entering attack zones after being fired on. 

Breaking and entering auras seemed to be the business of the arch nemesis on the premises; like poison gas attacks in Syria? they knew the date that the coupon or warranty expires on. 

Now check out the mass hysteria..faking  it when I entered these danger zones?  no way Jose!!  empty promises are ignored while another relies on false representation. 

West Coasting out in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose..but did jokers play? agreements were entered into check the deliberate falsehood..but then again?  check the Fort Hood type instigation. 

I stayed bragging or check the situation ..I'm back on course after going back to the source.

The bass and 808 rumble due to the Funk Seminar...meanwhile I'm back on Louisville / Newburg default settings after taking the refresher course. 

Of course I dipped down Broadway and Muhammad Ali Boulevard while up in the Ville..that's par for the course..funky fresh in the flesh?  of course!!  that's how we put it down. 

Had to confess; like the mob violence in Louisville  or even up in Detroit we strayed off Flight 370 from Malaysia?  but they didn't have to raise a bruh from the deep waters of the Indian Ocean!!!  I didn't go down.

But I was in deep waters with sharks and piranhas..there was no where to run or hide...couldn't swim like Sir Nose D'void Of Funk? it's about to go down per Billy Ocean!! what is the colour of love ? 

We were is deep prayer with the heavenly we put it down like this!! now were back on course after going back to the source ...blessings were received from up above. 

But of course these jokers will push and shove for a dollar, euro, or for natural resources like over in the Ukraine..

But we're back on course after going back to the source...I had to go holla at my kinfolk!! I'm just trying to maintain... 

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