Monday, April 21, 2014

All Up In The Spot / Some Are Bruised and Battered

I'm all up in the spot chilling out...but like the teenage stowaway on the plane to Hawaii my thoughts are scattered. 

Collecting thoughts like collection agencies collecting debt..who's broke? seems the bills won't go what really mattered? 

Egos are left bruised and battered after the reign of terror per Mexican Cartels that fronted on social media. 

Negroes get used;  like Biden over in the Ukraine all they did was talk / chit chatter instead of handling business;  who's impeding ya?

 I'm seeding the fertile ground or soil when I "holla atcha" ..expecting a Harvest For The World per the Isley Brothers.

Some are in need of healing..they're bruised and battered per the ongoing spiritual'll get truth or dared when fooling with these ATL brothers.

...they're supposed to be hustlers and players but just paymasters, third wheelers and cock blockers

They want us to take a loss...they're just hustle knocking these good word droppers and block rockers!! 

I checked out the Total Chaos...similar to Yemen drone strikes;  I was outraged by the destruction!! my peeps are in a state of despair and turmoil. 

Some were engaged in the deception...full of hate!! out there contributing to the confusion, the despair, and turmoil. 

They were engaged in the discussion like armchair quarterbacks in a huddle; soon they'll come up with a plan to destroy you. 

O-Dizzle was engaged with the percussion while O-Zone had this good word...a message was received from The Lord;  he said to the frontline of spiritual warfare is where I'll deploy you.

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