Saturday, April 19, 2014

We Kept It Moving As Usual...But We Had To Sacrifice

I was a mentor to some...I told my peeps to always remember ...moving targets are hard to hit. 

The beauty or splendor on the set will have some mesmerized!! they were comfortable!!  now calling themselves showing and proving..their mind, body, soul, and spirit?  they'll forfeit. 

...just to get a piece of the American Pie per Don McClean? ...were they living the American dream that turns into a nightmare? in between a hard place and a rock?

 Please!!  not just on Elm Street!!  webmasters hit alt shift delete!!  from Jam Rock to Bangkok. 

Trying to follow the master's plan..but I thought I was grown!!  now bearing witness to the mess I made. 

Injuries were self inflicted when I kicked undergoing the healing process due to the charade. 

Conjured up spirits aka funky tracks thast were played..along with this good word that was typed...this is attack zone business...

Haters considered it hazardous jokers in haz-mat teams approach the scene like this is a meth they really know what the deal is...

Some know what the real is...they'll see the ship is sinking like the Captain on the South Korean ferry ..Lee they'll be the first ones off..

Some know what the real is...even the mothership was sinking due to mechanical difficulties...lost like Flight 370 from Malaysia?'s rough out here for a player...even though today? we start the NBA playoffs.. 

Some know what the real is...a bruh gets scientific..but he stays off the beaten path..but not beating peeps down with this math like corporate churches on this Easter Weekend...

Some know what the real is...due to policies implemented by a fanatic we had to sacrifice..but we're able to keep it moving... 


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