Saturday, October 27, 2012

They Were Going Through It PT.8

The saga / struggle the mass hysteria in Syria..they were going through it! 

A brotha has breakbeat science on these menus; leading those waiting in the dark to the light....were going to it!

Whatcha knowing? some were acting brand new with I let them go on about their business! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...they were making promises like Mitt Romney while I handle this breakbeat scientific business!

Knowing what the deal is; secret knowledge was revealed like Vanguard secret funds!

Knowing what the deal is; we acknowledge that these are hard times.. its no secret;  this brotha even gathers and hunts!

This math is real...just like racism still existing in America..there are no stunts pulled like out in Hollywood! 

This path is real..had to admit I strayed off Citi and the Facebook IPO...whatcha know?  while I was going through it...what?  the Babylon wilderness...its not all good!

Knowing what the deal is; its not all good, its not all hood; were just trying to there's no pity from the street committee..check the guilt by association due to shady alliances! 

Bear witness!! word to those going through it!! knowledge and the brand new funk is dropped; check these random thoughts
and the by product of pawn shop appliances!

Bear witness!! word to those going through it!! similar to evacuations  from Hurricane Sandy!! 

Or even Myanmar..As we go there..trying to heal the scar...telling you what the deal is..experienced not just heard about the pain...understand me? 

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