Friday, October 26, 2012

Checking The Scenario PT.2

So called heroes were told to stand down...Mike Vick or even Obama? check the drama...nobody would block or cooperate with them! 

What it do? jokers talk junk like John Sununu...vs Colin Powell..they'll get foul...even said no more heroes were needed per Tina Turner; but I was surrounded by slow learners!! mad because I didn't get corporate with them! 

The corporal punishment will have some on all zeroes or in the red;  or negative like underwater mortgages.. or due to Hurricane Sandy just how are you trying to live? 

Knowing how the sport gets...using a Fresh Vision..maybe somebody will understand me...meanwhile the corporal showed astonishment due to the banishment; stripped of stars and stripes like Chuck Connors on Branded.....then told to forget and forgive! 

.....taking a loss; even forfeit!!  whose for or against it?  part of the problem or part of the solution? 

Check the $900 million used to campaign for could have stimulated the economy...Total Chaos is the business as usual ...instigated by an institution! 

Nothing is amusing...there's nothing funny..word to Meat Loaf.. endorsing Romney..take a look at things..what will the response be? check the mass hysteria like Syria! 

Were using this breakbeat science to let people know what it do after checking the scenario!

As we go for what we know...we kept on we put it down like this...check this good word and the sound we bring...

After checking the scenario..jokers were sick with it like meningitis from New England Compounding..

Others were peeping the swag / steelo...they found us doing the damn thing...

Others were sleeping ....we usual stay below the radar..its a rough job..but somebody has to do the damn thing..



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