Saturday, October 13, 2012

Out There...The Quiet Before The Storm PT.2

So whats up? we were way way out there..rolling on the mothership...but chilling like the Space Shuttle Endeavour...we finally got peace to be still...for a minute; but I know its just the quiet before the storm! 

Please!!  I already know the deal....jokers will bring the drama to your doorstep;  like in Benghazi over in Libya they'll attack the dorm! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..Youngblood was playing old school..checked out the Funky Worm by the Ohio Players..that's whats up with it!!

Peeping game....even the worm hole will be a safe haven or safe harbor for some of these players...they can expect the unexpected!

Wasn't sleeping in the game...sliding through the portal is always an option if you keep your eyes open; might use a Galileo satellite..I even disconnected from the mainframe! 

Knowing how this sport will is hectic...please!!  this brotha is just trying to maintain! 

Some of my folk just stay in pain; like they were attacked by the Taliban....seems like they're gluttons for punishment! 

Turning dials..clicking the mouse..pushing buttons; soon looks on their faces show astonishment!

 O-Dizzle is even turning dials; now hitting you up with these funk / hip-hop / house and jazz styles.....O-Dog runs it!

Whats the dizzle?  O-Zone is seeing how foul it is...knowing how the storm will get! 

Bearing witness to the quiet before the storm; but soon high winds check the lighting and thunder!

Seeing what the  deal is....Al Roker didn't let us know..but the masses? were enlightening..before the storm takes us under!

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