Sunday, October 7, 2012

Letting Them Go

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  I went on about my business! 

We're letting them go...some look flustered / flabbergasted like Obama at the debate;  so whats the business?

Breakbeat scientific business is going down!! coming strong  like South Carolina over Georgia....we put it down like this! 

....of course spiritual warfare is still going didn't know? you better find out about it.. we continue to fight this! 

The right is not knowing what the left is doing;  we're letting them go..jokers acted like a nut in a hut!

 "Sho you right" per Barry White...until the smoke clears I'm laying in the cut! 

Louisville / Newburg knowledge is dropped; playing around? laying around!! that's whats don't front!

We're letting them go from Johannesburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg to the ATL we're letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  minding and tending..but I will play the basic I gather and hunt!

Didn't merge with the apparatus..we emerge from intergalactic travels out beyond Pluto /Mars...dropping this math...not pulling a stunt...this is like the Draconid meteor showers out in the sky...

Checked the status..a fanatic will wreak havoc..whose undergoing the healing process?...trying to erase the scars...during these last hours all a joker did was lie...

Checked the status...politicians try to convince us its like this and like that....they're  out there Politicking...word from Hugo Chavez to even Mitt Romney...

Letting them go on about their business...anyway...I suddenly feel like a giant...standing alone against the world..I'm on this breakbeat scientific business...this is what the response will be..


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