Tuesday, October 23, 2012

BreakBeat Scientific Business / All Day Every Day

Check me out..as I put it down like this!! breakbeat scientific..all day and everyday!

 As I put it down like this!! using a Fresh View and A Fresh Vision;  every day in every way!

As I put it down like this!! no need for an Obama / Romney debate;
  please!! were  recognizing the pattern..God is Good all the time! 

....Plus all the time God Is Good; so whats good? whats hood? please!! I'm representing Louisville / Newburg.....but I'm not hood all the time! 

Plus my peeps didn't commit all the crime...check Wall Street plus the corridors of The Senate and Congress! 

Gangsta Chronicles warn ya....also check the Donald Trump types....but I grew up face to face with crooks; I know how a con does!

Facebook feeds blocked....check the Twitter beefs; drama jumps off...jokers will get rocked after they tell on themselves!

Facebook didn't look too good on the books...plus some were tricked by the technology; they went on with their bad selves!

As we kicked the knowledge based on sociology / psychology;  it goes down all day and every day! 

The mothership gets good mileage as we land back down on earth with plans to put it down; all day and every day! 

Getting breakbeat scientific with it..unlike  EU Nobel Peace Prize winners! 

A fanatic will knock the hustle; but were veterans in the game..not beginners!

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