Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Damn!! I'm Still In Conflict With The World...

Doing the knowledge;  damn!! I see I'm still in conflict with the world! 

Had to acknowledge it; after cashing reality I was unemployed in the Eurozone....after the drama unfurled! 

Attaining success is difficult if not impossible; whatcha on?  rocks were hurled at your vehicle like you were in you cruised through the hood! 

Plus every possible obstacle and setback occurred; plus I know you heard former FEMA head Michael Brown with the deliberate falsehood! 

The attempt to keep you from the truth was perpetrated...word from Romney / Ryan..somebody is lying...these jokers talk a good game! 

Yield not to temptation for yielding is sin was heard at the old school baptist church per Bishop David Ellis; while at the new school / corporate one preachers talk a good game! 

Redemption for a old fool? like Edward Furlong...restoring his good name? what can authorities tell us? nothing....I doubt it;  these haters didn't purge his file! 

Corporations have exemptions is the old rule still in effect!! the time frame is infinite.. whats the deal with it? its like diabetes mellitus and insulin treatments encouragement leading to cancer.....jokers were told to get their swag on..they urged you to get a style! 

Others play mind games.. check out how they work it...ready to put the dagger in your back; they're foul! 

I stay in conflict with this world.. jokers will tailgate outside of
hell's gate; check their style! 

The situation is foul!!  I stay in conflict with this world...please!! its like France vs Iran in the Middle the drama goes down all day and every day!

 But we try to keep a fresh view / fresh vision; every day in every way!


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