Monday, October 29, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Its Storming like Hurricane Sandy

Check us out!! like reporters covering Hurricane Sandy were all up in the spot; we're chilling up in the camp site! 

Out here in the the HMS Bounty out at sea....we're stranded ...surrounded by unhappy campers knowing that "things ain't right"

Knowing what the deal is...New England Compounding bad medicine the reason the  morale is low?  whatcha know? some are tired of being used and abused! 

Others don't feel this..they're all up in the spot,..we found them down here in the ATL chilling..down I-20 they cruised..

Others don't feel this; they're going along with the status quo ...gluttons for punishment

Others don't feel this...left to their own devices...paying the prices; now like Damascus  in the the midst of the crisis..they seem flabberghasted..showing astonishment...

 I wasn't on the one with it.....I'm not about that kind of life..up in the spot? I'm low key...Ralph Ellison Invisible Man style!!  even  cloaking devices are used during the toil and strife

High technical like Advanced Micro Devices.. as we cruise through the galaxy...using this breakbeat science to scream at peeps like NASA contacting the Mars Rover; told a hater the game is over...they need to fix their life....

...some will let it go...but egos were bruised during the ongoing process; but we continue to kick this...taking this intergalactic odyssey!

Some Negroes choose to act silly like Mike Vick..they'll quit or forfeit...let the healing process begin!!  but I'm stuck in I-285 in Atlanta behind a Honda Odyssey! had a soccer ball and yellow ribbon on the back of it; is it odd for me to pass it up in the old hooptie? 

O-Dizzle is rocking y'all!! were dedicated..usually my squad is found where the truth will be! 

Whats the dizzle? reality provided proof to me..its like this and like that! 

All up in the spot!!  the reign began with a drizzle..the spiritual warfare continues; we fight that!

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