Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Heard What Was Said / Some Were Still Talking Junk

I heard what was said.... these jokers are still talking junk! 

Here in Atlanta dude was told to keep it pimping player!! so he's still stalking;  getting crunk! 

Balking on the mound?  others are fast breaking getting the dunk like Lebron James..endorsed by Charles Barkley... or at least they say they are! 

Rolling like Tiger Woods in his prime but now trying to come back.. once playing the course below par! 

Its tight in these paying $5 a gallon for gas in corporations raise the bar; who can jump over it?

Verticality is needed like Micheal Jordan in his prime; Dr Phil said get over it! 

Superfly tried to get over it!! back in time Curtis Mayfield jammed on it!

We were even flying high for a minute in the Mothership; but now back down to earth..we landed on it!

I heard what was said by the earthlings!! they're standing on it; but check the information overload...that's their story and they're sticking to it! 

I heard what was said!! seeing how the thought and fashion police work things in this hostile territory; but I use a hot style to tell this story...dropping the street check the knowledge I'm kicking to it!

...Or with it..rolling up on your meningitis I'm not sick with it..I heard what was said! 

Word from Mitt Romney ...what will the response be? I heard what was said...some were still talking junk...but we're shining the light on those waiting in the dark who were misled!

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