Monday, October 8, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles / Staying In My Lane /Random Thoughts Edition.

Check it out...these are the I-20 Chronicles..posted up here at Random Thoughts From A's like this and like that...

Staying in my lane...chilling like Hugo Chavez after presidential elections..chilling out drinking Juan Valdez Honduras Fair Trade coffee at the QT at Panola Rd and I-20 intersections in Dekalb County...its like this and like that..

....checking out Obama-Romney presidential elections...candidates pledge to do this and that..please!! I'm bearing witness to the Total Chaos and confusion; so I'm staying in my lane!

 What up with a brotha...what will the response be?  knowing what the deal is....from the ATL to the Turkey-Syria these earthlings stay in pain! 

Some jokers are Joran van der Sloot they're out of order....meanwhile O-Dizzle works the old school four track recorder...laying in the cut thinking of a master plan;  refusing to stay in the reign of terror! 

Not playing around with the corrupt...whats up?  who gives a hoot? in love or war nothing was fair! 

Times are hard...cupboards are bare; good riddance was the response from a hater! 

Like the steroid causing on Candler Rd in Decatur weren't hard..more like Sheetrock now the crackhead is mad!! sounding like a issue debater! 

Plus dude in Camden, New Jersey had a bad batch of the wet...rights and privileges he'll forfeit...meanwhile I'm staying in my lane....but still international; north and south of the equator!! plus I wrote this around the fall equinox! 

Staying in my lane man!! but universal / intergalactic with it like Space X ships....check out how O-Dizzle rocks! 

But were knowing the dizzle;  the system knocks the hustle..but at the end of the day we prevail! 

Handling business before it handles us; God is blessing us!! we keep it got lonely out there; but we kept on running....dipping like Usain Bolt...staying in our lane..refusing to fail!

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