Sunday, October 14, 2012

Out There..The Quiet Before The Storm PT.3

Chilling for a minute...I know this is the quiet before the storm! 

Please...its easy to get caught out that satellite left out in space by the Space X Rocket...but O-Dizzle is in it to win it...on the case!!...he'll rock it...but jokers are hating..we're facing the scorn..

O-Zone is usually in it to win it... but the swag / steelo is not quite the norm...not tipping my hand like Pres. Obama concerning Romney and Bain Capital...

Danger zone maneuvers were not the norm...similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis....meanwhile we're due a rebate from paying high prices..feeling the pain from the loss of capital....
Beats are quiet storm format!! check the Sonic Assault ....attacking those that try to drag a Negro down!

Nothing strange about this thing;  the basic street funk is dropped ....not fronting; how did a silly Negro sound?

 As we go there.....out there!! where it got lonely..but we kept on running! 

Standing alone against the world...quiet is kept..some jokers were like JP Morgan Chase and Jamie phat and all that!!...meanwhile miners in South Africa protest...the economy has some humming and bumming! 

The funky drummer is I suddenly feel like a giant;   ready for the next storm that approaches! 

Whats up with me? reliant on the unchanging hand of God; word from this veteran in the game who now coaches!

As we approach this...ignoring the Deliberate Falsehood perpetrated by Romney / Ryan types.. 

Please!! were way way out there....but realizing jokers act false in the hood...this is the quiet before the storm...soon jokers will perpetrate different plots / schemes / hypes..

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