Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Is Hectic / Caught In The Storm..

Whats the deal?  New Jersey and New York residents can tell you...due to Hurricane Sandy...life is hectic!!  we're trying to stay composed! 

It gets way too real!! who will work with me?  the apparatus disrespected...now check the status as  the brand new funk and good word is composed! 

Check the status......the devil is opposed; I was riding through the North Georgia mountains...where have you found a man? I'm all up in the spot where Romney / Ryan signs are in the front yard! 

Previously it was McCain and Palin; before that Bush and Cheney ...so whatcha saying? these jokers tried to front hard! 

Life is hectic; some of my peeps  are going through it...folk are in pain; physically and emotionally scarred...so let the healing process begin!

 Life is hectic....like trying to dodge Al-Shabab in Somalia..what it do?  calculate the loss or gain / whats the deally?  the analyst said you don't have to come in first place to win!

 Life is hectic...its on once again!! like Stoudemire hurt for the New York Knicks.. so whatcha dealing with? 

Disrespected by the apparatus...even though they get foul with ya... jokers said trust the system..be real with it!

Caught up in the Superstorm... as we deal with it...life is hectic...then some peeps are under surveillance...

 Being caught up in the system / matrix is considered the norm...being built or torn down? its a debatable circumstance..

Caught out in the storm where life is hectic...taking a risk or chance to move to Higher Ground like Stevie Wonder mentioned....

Caught up when the embassy was stormed...life is hectic..the arch-nemesis was on the premises..but check the Sonic Assault..we fire back with the sound....refusing to go under..plus this good word is mentioned....  

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