Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out There / Standing Alone Against The World..

I heard what was said...similar to Obama Romney whats the response to one who hates? why did folk have to lie about it?

So now I'm rolling solo...not blowing all the dough like Mike Vick; or even John Smith...even though I'm due rebates...who relates? or am I standing alone against the world?  but I suddenly feel like a giant!

Going for what I know..God is with me..not completely alone;  as I exercise diplomatic immunity!

Its not odd....its still rough out here!! like Turkey firing on Syria;  and please believe me I was way out now I dipped back to the community!

 During the ongoing mass hysteria some jokers flipped; acting brand new with me....due to greenhouse gas or global warming?  check the thermostat...things have gotten hot! 

So called arbitrators or freedom brokers have some in protective custody...others come out of retirement like Rasheed Wallace.. whats up with that?  things have gotten crazy all up in the spot! 

Haters scheme and will we deal with the malice? some didn't recognize that David beat Goliath! 

Mamby Pamby and Alice in Wonderland types soon misbehave...didn't see my team is hot like Oakland I suddenly feel like a giant!

....but not in the negative sense;  dealt with debatable circumstances ...being built or torn down? 

Standing alone against the world; let the church say amen!! they know what I'm talking about...its going down!

O-Dizzle is throwing down....O-Zone hurled rocks like West Bank the middle of the drama like Hamas in the Gaza Strip..

Plans fizzle...but I I suddenly feel like a giant...standing alone against the world...thats whats up with it... 

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