Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fresh View / Fresh Vision...Concepts Revisited

      .....yesterday's vision was good for yesterday.......

Concepts are revisited like it was a family reunion...earlier I told some about a fresh vision! 

Its rough out here...it gets sick like meningitis..but I finally got the gist of it...so funky fresh in the flesh is how I'm living!

Some are waiting in the dark...wondering where the light is..problems are compounding like the New England Pharmacy; ...reality is not forgiving as far as karma is concerned..

Problems are compounding...like interest on underwater homes..
....it seems Wells Fargo was one of the sharks in the deep waters...the Parliament mentioned Aqua Boogie...maybe some learned...

We're coming with the sound....check out what we bring...O-Dizzle is coming out fresh with a brand new batch; but sometimes I come with something out of the archives! 

O-Zone was taking a look at things.....catching hell as angels and arch angels battle; who survives? 

....now using a fresh view / fresh vision...previously peeping game...from danger zones to safe haven / safe harbors; who arrives with their aura still intact?

A stranger was misbehaving!! sounding like Mitt Romney..trying to drop knowledge...stealing voters from Obama?  talking about its like this and like that! 

What will the response be? seems like some have given up...is that the plan or secret pact?  how will some act? meanwhile we try to fight...rebuking the information overload;  looking at it another way! 

Using a fresh view and fresh vision;  check these good words and the brand new funk that a brotha will play!

As we play it another way...yesterday's vision was good for yesterday...blocked for a moment...but we kept on running..even though it got lonely out there...

Seemed like I was standing alone against the world...but suddenly I feel like a giant...with a fresh view and fresh vision..as we go there... 


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