Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lounge Lizard - Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! as I mentioned earlier, we're chilling!!

Cooling out!! we're usually humping like the middle of the week!! outlook bleak due to shady dealing?

Ruling out negativity!! I'm all about the positive!! Terrible / Terrific Tuesday outlooks discussed yesterday!!

Get with me!! your dude is rocking it!! following the Barry White doctrine; Let The Music Play!!

I'm like a lounge lizard listening to the Lounge Lizard - Living Lounge Mix (Full Mix) courtesy of DJ Disma!!

Avoiding the blizzard / polar vortex due to the sport being complex!! check the playlist and the mix as we get with ya!!

1 00:00 Blue Six - Woman Of The Sea
02 03:40 eDeep - Afrika (BitterSuite Remix)
03 10:00 Sinister Concepts feat. Wayne Gardiner - La Melodia (Ambient Noizes)
04 15:20 Aqua Bassino - Dancing Thru The Night
05 20:30 Soda Inc - While She Was Sleeping
06 24:35 Aya - uptown (dub)
07 30:30 Helena - M'en aller (Montmartre Remix)
08 34:25 Lanoiraude - Givin My All
09 38:55 Vincenzo - We Wait Right Here Vincenzo And Simone Greys Latenight Dub
10 44:05 Inlakech - Hash Maker
11 49:35 Muchacho - As Bad As She Wants To Be (Fever Mix)
12 54:10 plaza - plazasstore
13 56:55 Pascal Mancino - The Moon Lovers

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