Monday, January 2, 2017

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings For 2017

These breakbeat scientists try to make the  best of this,  even though like large hadron collider scientists we made a mess of it.

 2016 morphed into 2017, check how we're dealing!! hot messenger claim to fame!!  it's all game, so we're trying not to stress it.

Check how we're dealing!! The Lord will bless it if it's full of righteousness!!  if not? it'll be like Jerusalem constituents mentioned in Jeremiah 5:1 to 5:31...endeavors will be condemned.

What's up with it? who's lying to you son?  from Facebook Fake News to Fox News!! reality will bump and bruise so a higher power one accord strategy is used!!  meandering lightwork is dealt with per this good word and the funky blend.

What's up with it?  who's understanding it? what? the rambling / musing / hot message!! check the blue collar style,  no light work or light duty!!  there's no exemption.

What's up with it? who spent a dollar or two per holiday season mall shopping!!  gamers wanted Red Dead Redemption.

What's up with it? I kept it pimping per ATL / Decatur living; please!! brainwashed by  the Chevy Impala that passed me up on I-20 booming ATL raps?

 It's not a simple thing, as  authorities passed me up in the Chevy Impala catching those acting fouler!  taking ATL naps?

Some were still True To Atlanta, while others Rise Up with the Atlanta Falcons as they win their last game at the Georgia Dome!! meanwhile I chill out in the lab / at home  with the digital crate digging!! rocking the old school sound..

As we work with ya, O-Zone is one of  these embedded reporters dropping a hot message on ya!!  as we wise up the constituents there are no fabrications!! we're out here on the frontlines with the troops on the ground..

As we work with ya in 2017!! O-Dog sends messages in the songs while using the piano and the drum.

Using the drum in support of the the big bang theory!!  but  knowing for some the outlook is bleery; wondering what others are on...

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