Monday, January 23, 2017

Doing The Knowledge ; But That's Business As Usual PT.5

Doing the work, like Trump on his first day pulling the US out of the Trans Pacific Partnership Deal!! what's the deal? we're doing the knowledge,  now bringing this forensic rhetoric.

Executive decisions / actions? bringing the  good word and mileage on the mothership type of funk!!  check the connections! intergalactic, foreign and domestic.

Executive decisions / actions? any good word from Pope Francis concerning Trump?  the jury is still out deliberating.

Who'll understand this lesson learning? it's not the Humpday Extravaganza but over the hump journeys are taken because some are still hating.

This is Monday Motivation type of businesss!! bearing  witness to Atlanta stressing the Falcons as they finally get over the hump in the playoffs!! now winning the Super Bowl is the mission.

Some are hating saying it's not their Super Bowl plus we see how others roll with the Inaugurations vs the Women's March;  meals with too much beef and starch?  how are we living?

How were we trying to roll?  we're doing the knowledge making sure that the act is tight! meanwhile around the world things have gotten tight!!  you know these devil's workshop employees stay busy!!

How were we trying to roll?  we're doing the knowledge but it's business as usual, we're trying to act right there are no alternative facts!!  truth in this good word and O-Dog is working with the funky tracks!! bear witness to the by product from our workshop! breakbeat scientific? that's what the deal will be!!

As we do this! check out my conduct, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta is like swerving my vehicle through the galaxy.

Moving forward through the stream of consciousness aka the mainstream of mathematics!! seeing what it do out there!!  but we're dealing with space junk as haters get in my face talking junk getting foul with me.

That's their schedule, irrational!!  they didn't know I was out beyond the International Space Station.

Doing The Knowledge!! but it's business as usual !! like all along the watchtower recorded 49 years ago January 21st we're Experienced like Jimi Hendrix but sometimes pumping brakes like Bendix so I can stop at your station.

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