Monday, January 9, 2017

Disturbing The Peace: The Quiet Before The Storm PT.9

 Mentioned the quiet before the storm; now the wrath is felt from  the pineapple express in Northern California to snow in North Carolina..

Didn't lie about it, it's normal to drop this math per the sport being complex, doing the math is where you'll find a brotha!

Even the New York Giants will let you the sport is complex!! now all the New York Giant gear rocked in Atlanta will go back in the closet!! even Odell Beckham Jr felt the pressure!!  was the bragging / boasting information overload?

Cold like the polar vortex currently hitting the nation?  some are in survival modes. 

What's next? milk and eggs gone from shelves in these stores,  plus all the liquor was purchased. 

What's next? while we were busy pulling vinyl and cassettes off of shelves per the street funk, no quiet storm the bilked /  shaky legs of a constituent dregs across the frozen tundra; in hot spots contraband was purchased. 

Mentioned the quiet before the storm, soon the peace was disturbed..

Not disturbing tha peace per Ludacris / not acting brand new with this / didn't lie about it!!  the shady business in 2017, that appetite is curbed

Disturbing the peace like Russian hackers? no, plus I'm not rolling with slackers!! abort this next level mission?  are you kidding!!  2017?  it's on and popping. 

Please!! we're ignoring Donald Trump types!!  in this sport the next devil is dealt with;  we weren't quitting or stopping. 

Who's chilling with him? misery loves company!! but it's not like spades where some are trump tight!!  per Eddie Lambert and Sears Wall Street will clock the corporations performance....

It's still the quiet before the storm even though we had a little snow / ice / cold weather in Atlanta!! I'm riding down Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain Georgia peeping game from slick Eddie Haskell types!!  thats what's up with this!!

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