Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Chilling Instead Of Illing : The Quiet Before The Storm PT.7

 Updating my status but this is not Facebook; this is the post holiday season vibe..

Chilling out!! it's the quiet before the storm as Stormfront types try to manipulate the weather!! they'll  implement / repeal policies affecting the tribe...
Shady dealing out here as stormtroopers front on the tribe!! I had to admit it was a hood thing!! back in the day  I was chilling out with the rest of the prodigal sons. 

Gathering change, soon eating hot and spicy  potato chips and drinking CapriSuns. 

....Fast forward;  doing the math up in this thing!!  street thing and scientific!! no Russian hacking but sabotaging chips implanted in constituents!!  provocateurs used Wi-Fi. 

Fast forwards, guards and centers were full court pressuring!! now the masses fight among themselves,  influenced by a lie. 

Otis Redding said try a little tenderness,  but constituents will get played. 

Otis Elevator type next level moves are made in 2017!!  verdicts rendered after one prayed. 

A hater tenderized the beef so a lot of people thought the meal was delicious. 

Another memorized bible verses but was still subject to curses; damn!!  now one prays and curses. 

Another was surprised,  found out they're liable due to their behavior. 

A brotha kept rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the background the sound of Biz Markie vapors bumps;  nothing can save ya!

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