Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Different Vision: The Quiet Before The Storm PT. 10

 How were we living? there's flooding on the West Coast and it's cold in the East!! earlier things were cool / quiet...

A different vision is acquired, reality stressed those that brag / boast: some will be grilled like Trump Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions; they can't lie about it..

 A different vision is acquired, we couldn't cry about it, we had to move on!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped!!  classic aggression was the response after the storm passed through!!

Shady dealing? from right to work laws in Kentucky to  Obamacare rejections in DC some feel empowered!! like Snap they think they've got the Power, but reality will show them what it do.

Shady like Grady is the feeling!! that's whats up with me!! Obama Legacy showered with negativity?  you know how it goes!!

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is when I write this!! what's the perspective? positivity / negativity occupy the same territory;  you know how it goes!!

Jokers act brand new with me because  I have a different vision!! I didn't abort my mission!! after the storm various ways and means are being explored.

A Full Moon in Cancer awaits the dancer!! it's opposing the Capricorn sun we entered a few days ago,  so now troops will be deployed.

Not fooling with a devil dancer!! avoiding those affected by Mercury retrograde transits!! they bring drama like North Korea.

During the quiet before the storm scars were healing from being thrown under mass transit or the bus!! maybe it was the short one shawty rides!! so whats up cousin? I see ya!

...but wouldn't want to be ya!!  you know the system has us coming and going!

...But I took time to work on secret gardens per having a different vision after the storm!! bear witness to what was growing!


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