Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Doing The Knowledge / But That's Business As Usual PT.2

 Another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday rolls around!! what's the perspective, positive or negative?

Some will cash reality checks, after the direct deposit! oh yes!! all the merchants will take them!! check the karma!! how were we trying to live? 

It's the after holiday season!! Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Years Day / MLK Day are gone!! excuse me for putting these epiphanies on the clearance rack...

..It's per doing the knowledge like I was Russia with the Trump dossier!! how will we play? any security clearance for that?
The mothership gets good mileage like Space X rockets!! not devoid of funk!!  actually there's no need to blast off because the style is intergalactic but still down to earth.

A brotha gets scientific while down in the A-Town!!  District Four representative chilling in District Five fronted on, along with John Lewis by Donald Trump,  for what that's worth.

The trunk in the hooptie will rattle!!  beats thumped like District 12 in the Hunger Games was bombed!! 

What will the scoop be?  due to Hunger Games Peacekeeper pressure a snitch will tattle!! in ditches they're dumped per the hood doctrine!!  what were they on?

Summons and indictments are received as those caught up in the game creep up on us; things have gotten ugly.

Hague or Geneva Conventions rules followed? no doctrine swallowed.. nothing they can tell me.

Preaching from the Geneva Bible or the King James version?  is it like Draymond Green clocked Lebron James while he was swerving? 

Doing the knowledge; reaching those who are liable per their perspective on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; how were they  swerving?

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