Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Doing The Knowledge : But That's Business As Usual PT.6

 We're peeping game like the Cassini Spacecraft out by Saturn's Rings; we're doing the knowledge..

But, that's business as usual; spaced out with this math? we might be,  recognizing the pattern while rolling on the mothership that gets good mileage!! 

Neighborhood casinos on Glenwood Road in Dekalb County get gaffled!! authorities were sizing them up saying they were foul with it!!

Deliberate falsehoods? information overloads due to alternative facts? so called powers that be are foul with it...

Worldwide?  check the winners and losers!! check the modes from Brexit to the World Economic Forum in in Davos to  G8 / G20;  they even said this G is acting funny!!

Others slip and slide!!  after doing the knowledge I see some are stressed out!! Trump reacting said he has a plan because its all about the money.

As we ride down I-20 in Atlanta  doing the knowledge I see some are blessed out here, rolling in Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers!! at least they're acting like they knew...

As we ride, somebody might understand a brotha when he says he's keeping his eyes on crooks and the liars!! they'll tell us to charge it to the game!! that's how they do!! 

It's business as usual!! that's why we do the knowledge!! keeping our eyes on those that perpetrate a fraud..

It's business as usual!! that's why we do the knowledge!! still mentioning Temptations Glass House Dwellers that throw stones like Donald Trump's so called investigation of voter fraud..

Similar to the Trump Wall;  so what's up yall? please!! we're trying to find out..

The Wall by Matrix and Futurebound plays in the background!! we're doing the knowledge, future bound!! ongoing situations will blow your mind out...

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