Monday, January 30, 2017

Doing The Knowledge : But That's Business As Usual PT.8

Intuition working in an old school factory!! your dude is doing the knowledge!! but like the just implemented Muslim Ban deception is spotted in the interactions.

Paranoid? I don't know what the factor is or will be; we kept on hustling man!! that's business as usual!! perception is sharpened by ongoing distractions.

Paranormal activity like a movie? meanwhile I avoided the abnormal, I've seen what the storm will do so I told them don't act brand new with me!  I maintain focus.

Paratroopers land like Normandy Landings, but it didn't look normal to me!!  I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta looking for the off ramp, but the storm left things damp!! soon Hunger Games Peacekeepers and  storm troopers approach us...

Earlier? I was down in Jacksonville on Normandy Blvd soon down at The Landing,  dodging the pursuing JSO, they act like they know me!! but with the Sonic Assault we bring pain to the bogus.

This jack is real son!! doing the knowledge in pursuit  of understanding!! we're able to recognize the bogus..

What's up son? like Trump talking about bad dudes out there some are boisterous / braggadocious !! meanwhile we bring the noise with this!! there were loops for us to mine from sonic mines full of vinly and cassettes!! they're soon processed in factories and foundries.

I went in with a Hardhat With The Lantern On Top and a lime green safety vest!! now house music, drum and bass, jazz, funk, and hip hop is processed by these industries.

We didn't quit and didn't stop!!  of course we're facing opposition like terror attacks in Quebec City...

We didn't quit and didn't stop!!  of course we're facing opposition!! there's no pity from the street committee..

They'll delay us like a Delta computer outage wreaking havoc at the airport!!

We act like we knew bro!! we continue to do the knowledge, but that's business as usual!! just like these folk not being fair in the sport...

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